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phantom planet

weather: freezing rain
eating: clif bar
drinking: coffee
hearing: new demos, drugs; the band, fbw
listening to: foo fighters, hanson, also strangely been really liking the rotation on B-96 (like that Timbaland remix of OneRepublic, that Lil Wayne jam, that song that goes like: 'she had them apple bottom jeans and them boots with the fur, she had the whole club lookin at her, she hit the flo', next thing you know, shorty got low low low low low low low low..., and that one song with the huge synth line that starts off awesome but then just kinda dies...not sure what it's called, also Potential Break-up Song or whatever it's called is awesome, also these two songs that i heard at the mall that i'm never going to be able to find...anyways

so fbr signed phantom planet. this is awesome. this is like if john paxson just decided to join my fourth grade basketball team.

(i used to sleep in a john paxson jersey every night)

i got in to their self-titled first, i remember i bought it in high school with dan on one of our weekly record buying outings. those were the days when i would buy one cd that i thought i would like or had heard good things about, and buy one cd i had never heard of based solely on the album artwork. on this day i bought phantom planet because i had heard good things, and bought HIM based solely on the album artwork (obviously, i was on a hot streak..unlike the day i bought yngwie malmsteen's Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in Em, Opus 1 and
this cd for the same reasons)
it took me awhile, but it grew on me hard. by the bed is my 3rd favorite song of all time. (#2 is smile lines by incubus, and #1 is letting the cables sleep by bush) then i bought 'the guest' and everything seemed to fall into place in the world. i'm really psyched, and i know the other guys are too just based on how much phantom planet get's rocked in our big and beautiful E-350 on tour. cool.


p.s. belated merry new christmas to all

kevin kane writes an update

What's up, internet. Kevin, here. I know it's been a while since I last wrote an update. Sorry. I don't write often, but when I do, I write a lot. (Sorry also for that).

So yeah, I'm missing you all, internet. And I'm missing my bandmates, and past tourmates, and the road in general. That last tour was great – us and Meriwether and We the Kings and Mayday Parade and Madina Lake. Great guys, all of them. They were all our best friends by the end of the tour, and we all parted ways with more good memories than we could keep track of. What more could I ask for? And while I'm on the subject, I wanna remind you guys to keep Casey in your thoughts or prayers (or both). I have nothing but good memories of him, too. He was one of the kindest and funniest guys I ever knew. I wish you all could've known him. So – keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

But anyway. I spent the weekend at the lakehouse, just chilling (as is my wont). I cracked open Volume III of that novel I'm reading, 'In Search of Lost Time.' I made it about sixty pages in, which means that I'm now 1.5% further into the whole novel. Expect my review sometime in 2012.

Being at the lakehouse is nice 'cause my allergies practically disappear when I'm there. I hardly had to use my inhaler at all! The one and only place where my allergies are free to wreak havoc upon me is, tragically enough, my own house. All I can do to remedy the situation, I suppose, is to kill our dog and throw her body into a nearby lake. Just kidding. Her name is Sammy and she's an old lady, fifteen or so. Still very petite. German shepherd / husky mix, if you're curious. But I think instead of destroying the family dog, I'm just gonna destroy my room with the help of my dad. Get a new bed, tear out the decades-old carpet, scrub down the walls, repaint the ceiling... Hey, you know what my wallpaper is? Shingles. My wallpaper is this repeating pattern that looks like wooden shingles. Definitely from the 70's. You should see my carpet.

Oh yeah, I started watching Six Feet Under. I think it's great so far. I'm almost done with season two. Don't tell me what happens.

I was in Wal*Mart the other day. I checked out that new game, Rock Band or whatever. The drum pad was set up, so I played "Tom Sawyer" (by Rush, you should know!) on expert. Got five stars on my first try, DUH. But lemme tell you: there's these parts in the song where you're supposed to do a free-form fill, and whatever you do, it sounds terrible. And hilarious. I was playing the fills that're in the actual song, and it sounded like garbage. Maybe they gotta work out a few more kinks. Also, I played "Suffragette City" by David Bowie, and it reminded me of Alec, because Alec loves David Bowie. Sad face. Hello, Alec!

So I'm ripping my whole CD collection at 320kbps. Clearly, I've gone off the deep end. You might think that's excessive, but here's what I figured: I knew that I didn't want to leave 'em all at 192, 'cause what's 192? One step closer to 160, which is one step closer to 128, which is trash. 128 is dog shit. Don't come at me with 128. If you're ripping your CD's at 128, you need to step back and take a long, cold look at yourself. What the hell are you thinking? Do you even care about yourself anymore? I contemplated ripping everything at 256, but, you know, 256 is so close to 320, so why not?

Also, I figure: I'm gonna get an 80 gig iPod, and there's no way I'm gonna fill that with mp3's, not to mention mp3's that I'm actually gonna listen to. (I used to have 30 gigs – 30 gigs – of bootlegged Ween shows, but then I realized that I never listen to their officially-released live shows as it is, so why bother?). Maybe I'll fill the rest of my iPod with what I like to call "Funny Videos from the Internet." Like that one where the QVC guy falls off the ladder. Classic.

I finally caved and bought that CD by Brand New called 'DJ Nintendo.' If you're curious, my favorite song is "The Quiet Things that No One Ever Knows," followed closely by "Play Crack the Sky" or, I dunno, "Sic Transit Gloria ... Gloria Fades." Solid album, all the way through. Oh, and hey Bob: there's a song on here that wasn't on your iPod ("Me Vs. Maradona Vs. Elvis"). That's gonna screw with me for a long time. I get freaked every time it starts (and "Guernica" doesn't). Thanks a lot. It's kinda like when you go from listening to a greatest hits to an actual studio album. Like, to this day, every time "Subdivisions" (by Rush!) ends, I expect "New World Man" to begin, 'cause that's how it is on that 'Chronicles' compilation (which got me into Rush in the first place). But that's not how it is on 'Signals'! "The Analog Kid" comes next! What a positively troublesome phenomenon!

And how about 'In Rainbows,' people? I listened to it three times over the weekend, and I do believe that it's firmly lodged itself in second place (behind 'OK Computer' and ahead of 'Kid A' or 'Amnesiac,' take your pick). Second place! I'd have never thought! The Pitchfork review mentioned something to the effect that 'In Rainbows' is a more giving album, or more generous, or whatever. The point being that Radiohead have kinda come down to earth a little more, which I definitely hear. My favorite songs are still the weirder ones ("Weird Fishes / Arpeggi," "15 Step," "Bodysnatchers"), but even those have something much more human about them, something that we haven't seen in Radiohead for the past decade or so. I dunno. I'm freaking out about this CD. I like it more, every time I listen to it. If you don't have it, go download it for free.

I'm a little terrified about The Mars Volta's next release. 'De-Loused in the Comatorium' and 'Frances the Mute' are two of my favorite CD's, honest, but it seems that the noise-to-actual-music ratio is always increasing in Camp TMV. I had to turn off 'Amputechture' halfway through 'cause of that. Couldn't even give it a fair chance. I suspect that this next release may end up being a triple disc of Omar screwing around with his guitar pedals. But we'll see. Oh, TMV, can't you just release 'De-Loused, Part II'?

I bought the new Coheed and Cambria CD, 'No World for Tomorrow.' I've only listened to it once, but I watched the 'making of' documentary that came with it, which was cool. Claudio is such a nerd, which is probably why I dig C&C so much. I feel like playing Magic: The Gathering whenever I listen to C&C. Actually, I feel like playing Magic: The Gathering all the time. I just figure that no one ever has their decks with them. Maybe I'll start carrying my old decks around with me. I have a white deck and a green deck. Let me know.

Oh, and Taylor Hawkins played drums on 'No World for Tomorrow,' which is awesome. Did you know that Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl are best friends? It's true. Every morning they wake up and thank their lucky stars that they're in each other's life. Even if they had a sleepover and they're in the same room when they wake up, they still do. Wouldn't you?

I also saw 'Lechuza' by Fenix TX for $2.50, and I had to get it. My older sister used to play it all the time back in high school, and I sincerely love at least 5 tracks on it (1, 2, 3, 5, and 7, if you're curious). Did you know that the second track, "Katie W.," is about weed? I learned that recently. I was kinda bummed when I learned that, 'cause it was such a pretty song otherwise. But then again, Paul McCartney wrote "Got to Get You Into My Life" about weed, too. Same with Elton John and "Candle in the Wind."

And lastly, I bought that "new" Pink Floyd CD, 'London 1966/1967.' I bought it mainly because I'm a completist. Actually, that's the only reason. It probably sucks, and I don't really like early Pink Floyd jams anyway – and on top of that, there's not a Gilmour to be found (he didn't join 'til after 'The Piper at the Gates of Dawn'), and he's always been my favorite member. So boo. But still, it looks really nice alongside my other seven million Pink Floyd CD's. (Also, an interesting note. My Pink Floyd CD's are arranged chronologically. Of the first half, ten are official studio albums. Of the second half, only three are. Kind of a shame. Nine albums in ten years, and then only four albums in the next thirty years).

Anyway. Sorry to ramble. This is apparently the stuff that concerns me the most when I'm on break. I hope you're all doing well, staying safe, getting your homework done and all that. And I hope all of your holiday seasons have been and will continue to be full of laughter and merriment. And shitloads of mirth. And snowball fights just after school, and discussing the packability of snow with your friends (and, of course, making impossibly huge snowballs with your friends when the packing's good), and abrupt temperature changes as you walk inside and take off your big furry coat and sit down to a cup of hot chocolate, and keen observations about your neighbors' holiday decorations (either "you can tell they just threw those blankets of lights on top of their bushes" or "I think these people went just a little bit overboard"), and TBS playing 'The Christmas Story' over and over again for a full 24 hours, and not really knowing what to get someone but realizing after a full hour of freaking out at the mall that a $25 gift card to Best Buy will get you out of pretty much any pickle, and never being too old for that familiar flutter of joy you feel in your heart when a classmate says "Look, it's snowing!"

Happy holidays!

(P.S. Thanks so much for voting for us over at MTVU! We owe you big time!).


weather: cold
reading: nirvana interviews
hearing: sullivan
eating: chipotle
drinking: water
location: baltimore, md

so yesterday we were listening to sullivan in the van, and kevin was talking about how he thinks 'cover your eyes' is his favorite album of any band we've toured with. then today we find out they broke up. i think that's a damn shame. they have a great album, energetic live show, and are great guys. and personally i think their music is much better and much more honest than alot of the bullshit that is getting the recognition those guys deserved. rip sullivan. good luck with everything.

do yourself a favor and buy this while you still can:
some text


press the ronahldino button

weather: regular
hearing: blood brothers over car speakers, kenna - man fading in headphones
eating: granola bar, lemonheads
drinking: starbucks
watching: lost

got stuck in hollywood for 3 days due to san diego apparantly being on fire (we dont watch the news - did they ever put that out? is everyone ok?) and days off. approximately three things happened during these three days:

1 - we started watching Lost, season one. terrible (awesome) decision. everyone is addicted and i feel like im losing my mind.
some text
locke. is. so. tight.

2 - bob, alec, alec's bro, ate some sushi at some place, as they filmed the real world in the adjacent booth. so apparantly the next real world is in hollywood. they prolly wont use the footage cuz i kept staring at the camera.

3- started every day by going to starbucks, then to amoeba music. spent alot of money on music. i like liner notes. and having physical copies of stuff. but i also downloaded some music. here's what ive been digging.

chicane - somersault
some text
only a couple good tracks besides Stoned in Love. still nice to jam all the way through if your in a techno mood. dropped about $25 for the import of this, figured i owed 'em.

kenna - new sacred cow
some text
pretty tight, luis handshake turned me on to the new album, but i heard the first one was better so i got it...and i think their about the same.

i need to be elected, perfected
needs beyond the blue
feel the satisfaction
i want to be a light source
a blaring night force
i havnt felt the same
since i arrived i haven't slept a wink

cobra starship - viva la cobra
some text
been hearing this alot in the car. starting to really dig a bunch of the songs. listening on my studio headphones and the production is really tight. really like pleasure ryland. plus, you can't deny how sweet that album cover is. g.a.b.e is coming for you.

been working an all sorts of new material. trying to get into the studio over xmas. lookout for that

in texas again,

Deconstruct Your Favorite Song.

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My favorite song of all time is "Letting the Cables Sleep" by Bush. Track 11 off of the album, The Science of Things.

I love this song because it captures a really sad, but really calming mood. All the elements of the song work together in a really unique way, especially for a kindof sad love song. The beautiful vocal melody, gentle guitar work, piano, strings and soft drums are all contrasted against this random distorted noisy atonal guitar noises on the right channel. At 0:53 there are these beeps that continue in different spots throughout the song like some sort of s.o.s. signal. I like how the one note works against the changing chords. i also like how sometimes the tremolo guitar on the left side sometimes distorts the speakers on whatever im listening to the song on.

at 3:37 the main guitar plays a wrong note that kills me. it's almost as if gavin was playing with so much emotion that it didn't even matter to anyone that he hit a wrong note. it kindof completes the mood of the song, like the lyrics "whatever you do, it's all good." gavin really sings it like he means it. he sounds like a person about to just give up.

my absolute favorite part of the song is at 1:52, everything fades out besides the drums and this faint echo of something in the background. gavin comes in with "you were in the sea, on a decline, breaking the waves. watching the lights go down, letting the cables sleep." then everything else comes back in. i like this part because gavins voice is really haunting, and i have about a billion different interpretations for what the lyrics could mean.

anyways, i've listened to this song about a thousand times and it gives me the same feeling every time. on one particularly shitty day in high school i listened to this song on repeat for literally 6 hours straight. i always get the chills at different parts. sometimes when this guitar noise comes out of nowhere at 3:17, sometimes at 1:52. sometimes at 2:46 when gavin completes the chorus.

"silence is not the way, we need to talk about it
if heaven is on the way, we'll wrap the world around it."


Post your favorite song below. Please only mention one song.


weather: raining all the time
hearing: farewell playing
eating: chipotle
drinking: red bull
location: cleveland
listening to: hanson - the walk, assassins, the format

first of all, both the bands that we are on tour with had their debut albums come out yesterday. everyone should immediately go to best buy and pick up:

Farewell - Isn't This Supposted to Be Fun?
The Secret Handshake - One Full Year

both are awesome. trust me.

last night we stayed at Kevin's parent's house in Ohio, or as we like to call it "camp insan-o." I like staying at Kevin's house cuz i get to sleep in the room with the lime green carpet by myself. staying in a room by yourself is probably the rarest of all occurences on tour. this morning we went to a used record store and mulled around with Kevin's dad, then went to best by to check out the FBR end cap feature thing which is tight. one of the best buy employees stopped us on the way out to sign her copy of the cd which was neat.

in other news, I thrashed my leg on a 4 wheeler atv at powerspace and farewell's 2-day new york camp out at our friend tom's place. looks pretty gnarly. kinda hurts. alot.

also, we're on Facebook. search for Powerspace or Powerspace Fueled By Ramen. add us, poke us, u know the drill.


Unknown Bands of the Month

Starting right now, I am going to feature a relatively unknown band each month that I think deserves more attention than they are getting. There's alot of bands out there besides us and Cute is What We Aim For, you know? To start things off right, I'm going to feature TWO small bands that I think are going to blow up, and that I think you should all check out:

Read more...Collapse )

Stay tuned for next months unknown band of the month!



after the show tonight in poughkeepsie we caught the encore (which was like 45 minutes long) of hanson next door. if you have ears i suggest you go check out hanson live. awesome.


I heard them say that dreams should stay in your head
Well I feel ashamed of the things that Ive said
Put on these chains and you can live a free life
Well Id rather bleed just to know why I die

also, if i was a girl taylor hanson would be #1 on my list

the raddest drive

weather: southern
reading: the internet
eating: cliff bar
drinking: red bull
location: south carolina
listening to: p!atd, the velvet teen, squarepusher, blaqk audio, dark wave disco mixtape

the kaddisdrive, the saddest drive, kaddisfly, the raddest guy, the shamest drive. these are the only words weve been using in conversation for the last 8 hours.

i dont think we're allowed back to tampa ever. we had to leave by 5:30am to get to the show tonight, didn't fall asleep til about 5 so...we're late as hell. luckily bob did the drive of shame and triumphed for about 8 hours straight so the rest of us got to take a desperately needed nap.

last night was supposed to be a day off. instead we got invited to play the biggest fratstraveganza of the year at USF courtesy of sigma chi. the brothers were all really pumped to have us playing in their backyard and spent all day building a giant stage out of plywood and aquiring lights and sound equipment. the result was definately very...different...from any other show we've played on tour. we decided at the last minute to play some covers, we also decided not to practice them at all. so everyone at the party got treated to first-time-ever-attempting-to-figure-out-these-songs versions of kelly clarkson, bon jovi, fall out boy, rja, ect. pretty nuts. still not sure how we made it through any of those songs. um. eventually the show raged to the point where there were about 30 people onstage...jumping. which was scary. i was standing literally right on the edge because it was so crowded. at some point all the new pledges to the frat, in matching t-shirts, formed a circle pit. so we treated them to the rarest of all powerspace songs, "Nightmare, Wah!" which features dan on lead throat, alec on bass, and no less then 10 breakdowns. they asked us to play a second set at about 1:30am, so i kindof just played the national anthem on guitar, then i think we played right on and bon jovi, again...

we stayed at our buddies from fbr's apartment, and we are all currently wearing their clothes since most of ours were destroyed in a 3am pool party. for example, i appear to be wearing some sort of XL cobra starship hoodie. ill give it back when i get my sleeping bag back.

cant wait to get back in the comfortable arms of the secret handshake and farewell. last night was awesome, but i dont think i could handle that every night. goodness.

fbr's merch department is full of sinners.


Aug. 27th, 2007

what's up my beloved powerspace listeners. it's dan. right now i'm glad to be chilling at home for about a day and a half and enjoying coffee that i made myself. thusfar, the road madness tour has been nothing short of amazing. it was awesome to reunite with our good buddies in just surrender, and we're also having an awesome time getting to know sullivan and just surrender. FRIENDSHIP!!!! thanks so much to everyone who has come out to shows and shown their support. for your information, we are not a band that buys into the 'you can't wear the shirt of the band you're going to see' stigma. so rock those powerspace shirts if you got em!

make sure you check our myspace for our new tour dates with the secret handshake and farewell on the yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo tour. thanks to luis handshake for the genius tour name. we're really looking forward to this because not only do we love both bands, but it's our first coheadlining run! so if you like this band, make sure you come out to one of the shows. it would mean a lot to us.

anyway, that''s it for now. do me a favor and love someone today. give a hug. make a new friend.

love you all