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weather: good
location: boise
eating: salad
drinking: canadian whiskey
entourage: ace, robin
venue: the big easy
hearing: danger
listening to: aerosmith

Hey - here's what's going on with Powerspace:

Right now we're in Boise, Idaho. Lovely place. About 3/4 of the way through the CIWWAF, Ace Enders, Danger Radio tour and it's been incredible. Probably the best tour we've ever been on for so many reasons.

After this tour we will be taking a short bit of time off to continue writing. We are going to be recording an EP and an LP in next couple months. Here's all the details we can afford to give out:

1. Our new EP will be out probably some time in October. It will be 100% American Rock 'n' Roll. Not Alt-rock, not Dance-rock, not Pop-rock, not Pop-punk, just Rock. Think less synths, more guitars. Less computers, more amplifiers. Less production, more playing. Less pop, more rock.

2. A bit after the EP comes out we will be recording another full-length record. The record will be entirely new material, unlike last time most of the songs on the EP will not be on the LP.

So basically we have an album and a half coming your way relatively soon. If anyone's been to some of the shows lately we've been playing a few of the new jams we have written (Don't Stop and Taste the Devil), but we got a lot lot more on your way so get ready.

Hope you are all doing wonderful~


P.S. We are not doing the Mest tour that was posted on absolutepunk.net, we'll be working on new songs and new recordings. Check out that tour nonetheless 'cause it's a sick lineup! I know we'll be hanging out at the Chicago show too.


Aug. 3rd, 2008 03:18 am (UTC)
well there goes my dreams of seeing mest, pspace and automatic loveletter all in the same place :\

but i love those two songs & will there be a kiss cover in the making possibly? ;) jk


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