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weather: blizzard
reading: capturing sound, born standing up
listening to: action item mixes, demos, thomas dolby, incubus
eating: pizza
drinking: soda

this week was intense. first of all, my boys got robbed. wtf? like, who robs people? you know? luckily gen3 won't have to worry about getting robbed because the van will remain moving at all times, and after a while we'll prolly just upgrade to a stainless steel leer jet or just sell all our possessions and be homeless in florida (being homeless in florida is like being on spring break all the time).

i spent this week at Uptown Recording and The River (that's the name of my studio, cuz it's on the Fox River) recording. Action Item took a train in from Jersey, and we made 6.5 sweet music songs. let me tell you, they are a great band. also, they are hilarious and brought boy meets world dvd's, so we instantly became bff's. while we weren't making songs, we were either watching bmw, steve from jerry springer's show, or maury, or eating delicious pizza's from my uncle's restaurant (the riverview, in algonquin IL. which, for the record, is not on the river, because the city of algonquin needed to widen the road it used to be on ((when it actually was on the river)) to alleviate traffic congestion. so now it is on rt.31, but the traffic in the old spot is still awful. pretty bogus if you ask me. on the river or not, the riverview has the best pizza on the planet. i suggest getting the bbq pizza. then the next time get the beer pizza. keep rotating between the two and never look back. the beer nuggets are delicious too, but don't eat too many cuz the pizza is the star of the show. k?) so, check out action item's EP whenever they put it up. still gotta finish mixing and get it mastered, so it might be a while, but just be patient (like i am being for some new monty. give me a break aiello SEND ME SOMETHING)

been recording lots of new pspazz demos too. they seem to be kindof shocking. i think that's what we're going for from now on. just recorded something today, that.. maybe i shouldn't talk about.

this summer is going to be sweet. i feel like everything/everyone is hilarious/ridiculous.

found this. made me think writing it in my old house at school all sentimental-like, then trying (failing) to perform it the next day by myself (the first time i sang by myself in public). i like how straightforward this girl sings the song, and it still sounds good. (makes me happy, you know, cuz that's the test.) also, she changes some chords around and i like it, it makes it sound southern or something. something organic. and the accent. it's a pretty weird, kindof overwhelming feeling to watch someone you don't know sing a song you wrote. so, thank you girl. you are wonderful:

alright, i'm gonna go watch dukes of hazzard with my best buddy matty poo.



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Mar. 23rd, 2008 05:16 am (UTC)
Good to hear from you Tom.

Pretty sure that was the longest tangent in parenthesis I've ever read. but sure, I'll totally hit up that pizza place if I'm in the area. I don't know how it'll compare to Girodano's though....

I want new Monty musics as well. You'll probably get to hear something before the rest of us do, so that's awesome.

I hope you'll be playing at the June farewell show with everyone else. If not, I guess I can wait until the summer.
Mar. 23rd, 2008 07:52 am (UTC)
lol homeless in florida. i live there so maybe if you guys become homeless here, you'd have some free shows around my area. on a more serious note, you guys need to have some shows in st. pete or tampa over the summer. that would be amazing.

i can't wait to hear the new songs.
Mar. 23rd, 2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
Yay a post from Tom! We miss you.

Being robbed sucks. I understand this better than anyone. All of my shit got stolen in Dallas in August last year. They stole everything, even the registration and insurance out of my truck after they couldn't hot wire it (because some genius just thought we left the truck on 35 just BECAUSE, not because it was broken down or anything, some people really have no sense).

I had my psychology teacher tell me about a time, when she was an alcoholic in her younger years, when she ended up homeless in Florida. Apparently the experience was life altering going from living out of a car eating 7-11 donuts and twinkies everyday, to a shack that shook so violently at night that you couldn't hardly sleep a wink because of all the cold that seeped in the cracks from the rain. She sobered up and went back home to Victoria, Texas.

I miss Boy Meets World. And apparently i'm missing out as far as pizza is concerned, everyone keeps telling me that the best pizza is in the North.

Pspazz demos? I can't wait to hear some.

♥ Taryn
Mar. 30th, 2008 07:40 pm (UTC)
If you want to be homeless in Florida, be homeless on Ft. Myers Beach.
I'm there all the time, I'll feed you and make sure you have sunblock. ^_^
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